SRHR Marketing

SRHR Marketing is about empowering entrepreneurs with powerful marketing tactics that can make a real impact. We believe that 80% of your marketing comes from 20% of your efforts. Whether your efforts are your time, your budget or another factor, the bottom line is that they’re valuable resources which need to be spent wisely.

We’ve interviewed some of the top internet marketers and have made a succinct blueprint for all businesses that wish to establish an online presence. This process begins with understanding the landscape of today’s online world. Search engines still reign supreme in the online world, however there are many other areas to consider. Social media and the top dogs in that arena like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn continue to drive large amounts of traffic to new businesses.

Search Engine Optimization

The key to any healthy online campaign is ranking well in search engines. For this, we interview Mississauga SEO experts from They gave us incredible insight into how they rank their clients and what has been working for them lately.

The fact remains that Google’s intention is to provide searchers with what they search. If you can provide them with that, then your and Google’s goals align.

They went on to explain that they seek out to achieve multiple first page rankings for their clients by being selective with whom they work with. They first must believe that their clients are in fact the best company in their industry. Once that’s established, they’ll move forward with their plan which includes Google Places optimization, ranking the client’s website, ranking a YouTube video, a Yelp page and the client’s LinkedIn or Facebook all on the front page.

PPC Management

When it comes to driving a truly profitable PPC campaign, there are a lot of factors in play. We spoke with the PPC experts over at and this what they had to say:

If you’re dealing with a local campaign, then you want to make sure you’re being aggressive and maintaining a large negative keyword list. You want to spend your ad budget as wisely as possible, and that usually means you have to make sure your main metrics (CTR, CPC, etc) are as healthy as possible. If you’re running a national or international campaign, then you need to identify the key profitable areas and hit them hard.

What was apparent to me after speaking to the people at Wordsteam is that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to PPC. That’s not to say beginners can’t run a successful campaign, it’s just that they need to scale their campaigns. You can’t jump into the deep end without at least first testing the waters.

Social Media Marketing

For this sector we spoke to the experts at They’re one of Canada’s largest agencies and they have clients such as Their theory on social media marketing is refreshingly straight forward. Here’s what they had to say:

Social Media can benefit companies of all sizes in several different ways. The first of which is they can handle customer service in a way that becomes a marketing channel. The second being that it can increase brand loyalty by engaging customers of the brand in a more intimate setting than traditional avenues. Lastly, there are a lot of cost effective opportunities for growing a brand’s audience on social media networks with a lot less competition than other digital arenas.

They’re certainly very passionate about the social media opportunities that they find their clients. In an extended interview with them they went into more detail by describing the fact they find different opportunities on different platforms. While a local law firm or real estate agent might best concentrate their efforts on sites like LinkedIn, a ┬ánational brand like WestJet would find better results on sites like Facebook or Reddit.

In Conclusion

We will be going into more detail in the upcoming weeks and months delving into each medium and releasing great insights from these and many other experts in their respective fields. One thing we can all count is that going forward, each of these mediums will play a major role in small, medium and large businesses across Canada and the world.